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14 May, 2014: Health & Social Care Integration (Sheffield)
Health and social care reform and integration is national priority being driven forward by the £3.8 billion Better Care Fund, Health and Social Care Act and the Care Bill. With councils spending 50% of their budgets on 5% of the population and the NHS under increasing financial pressure, local areas are more than aware of the need to adopt closer and better ways of working are sustainable and provide dignity in care.

This event focusses specifically on integrating early intervention and maintaining independence to help keep people happy, healthy and at home rather than in hospital or residential care settings through effective cross agency working. Central to this agenda are new business and operating arrangements and how these can be enabled through effective information sharing and intelligence. Join us at Health and Social Care Integration to discuss these challenges with colleagues, to benefit from insightful case studies on integrated, multi-agency care, and to hear expert guidance and advice.

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iNetwork Annual Winter Conference- November, 2013
All videos from the day can be found under ‘Resources’ above.

The presentations from this conference are available on the Knowledge Hub for iNetwork members to access. You can find them here by clicking on the following link (or cut and paste URL into your web browser): https://knowledgehub.local.gov.uk/group/inetworkformerlynwegg/grouphub

The latest…

Mobile working booms in healthcare, but misconceptions remain
A NUMBER of healthcare organisations with mobile working projects more than doubles to 77% in little more than 12 months. Over three quarters (77%) of healthcare organisations now have live mobile working projects in place, up from just 30% a little over 12 months ago, according to a report produced by specialist software house NDL. However despite this rapid growth, suggesting the business case for mobile technology is largely proven, there are strong indications that project managers are still struggling to pinpoint the factors responsible for success or failure, suggesting growth could accelerate even faster in the future. The report is compiled from in depth interviews with senior IT professionals at 160 English Acute, Community and Mental Trusts and Welsh and Scottish Healthcare Trusts. The report focuses on Line of Business mobile working, which allows healthcare professionals to carry out a transaction in situ to meet a patient or organisational need, rather than technology that simply enables individuals to access emails or calendars when they are out the office.

iNetwork aims to improve troubled families data
A KEY iNetwork programme has been awarded £50,000 to tackle the challenge of information standards, particularly relating to troubled families.
The Cabinet Office’s Open Data User Group made the award last week to the Local eGovernment Standards Body (LeGSB) following a submission by iNetwork. LeGSB (www.legsb.gov.uk), which iNetwork has hosted since 2006, plays an important role in defining and promoting information standards in the public sector.

iNetwork’s Info Security Conference 2014 
THE first conference of the iNetwork Spring Series: Managing Information Security, Compliance and Risk was held on Friday 21 March in Manchester. It was the opportunity for delegates to hear updates on the current threat landscape, Public Services Network, ISO 27001, Digital Forensics and much more. The conference was well attended with over 100 delegates from local authorities, NHS Trusts, Fire & Rescue Service and Police.

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