iStandUK is a national body hosted by iNetwork to develop and host information standards for use in the sector. It is funded through Government sponsorship and grant income.

iStandUK Chair Introduction
The sector is waking up to the importance of information standards, without which we find we struggle to communicate and work effectively. iStandUK’s work this year has included supporting DWP and council electronic communications, Smart Cities, the Code of Practice on Transparency and developing a new data ecosystem for complex families. The results of this will be visible to many Local Authorities and Partners, LeGSB is providing support and expertise to individual organisations.

john curtis


John Curtis
Head of Information and Knowledge Management
Sheffield City Council


Priorities Principle Activities
Developing a new data ecosystem for complex familiesInformation standards underpinning Welfare ReformOpen data and transparencySmart City data concept model and standards Workshop and dissemination activities with iNetworkProject related deliveryEngaging and working with Government on behalf of local public services

For advice, guidance and support in this area, please contact Paul Davidson, Director of Standards, iStandUK via the iNetwork programme office: 0161 343 3445/

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