Innovative Access to Public Services

The full iNetwork programme for 2017-18 is available HERE

The key purpose of the IAPS programme is to enable local public services to be accessed in the most effective and joined up way

IAPS supports front line managers in developing and delivering effective services to communities and patients across face to face, mobile, telephone, web and social media channels.

Providing a safe space to frankly explore CRM and Data integration products, IAPS helps support innovation in driving efficiencies and delivering access to frontline services. It is a strong community with over 200 professionals that support access to public services from across the region and is a collective voice for responding to government initiatives and consultations.

IAPS Chair Introduction

We aim to provide support for digitising public services including the use of digital technology to support service improvements by sharing good practice and innovation. We will also act as a bridge to promote enhanced learning and best practice. Building on our Digital Inclusion and Digital Managers’ network, our 2017-18 programme will focus on three main priority areas: digitising services, intelligence and prevention and network business relationship development.

Zohrah Zancudi

Calderdale Council


Rahna Riley

Rochdale Council

Deputy Chair

Theme 1:

Digitising Public Services

iNetwork supports digital inclusion, exploring opportunities to improve digital effectiveness and enabling community focused working to foster local digital economies.

Theme 2:

Intelligence and Prevention

iNetwork encourages front line services to facilitate holistic customer access, developing intelligence capabilities to make better informed service delivery decisions and utilising public sector open data to empower the customer. 

Theme 3:

Business Relationship Development

iNetwork aims to engage with a wider membership and publish regular updates

Delivery Partners & Stakeholders

NHS Aqua, LGA, Go ON UK, DCLG, Cabinet OfficeDept of Business Innovation and Skills, IEG4 Ltd, NDL Ltd,#channelshiftcamp,Local Digital Campaign, Industry experts, Sub-regions and individual local public service organisations

“iNetwork digital is a flexible and accessible event enabling access to innovative ideas and examples of good/best practice. In current (very) challenging times, it is good to have practical and helpful inspiration! Thank you!”

Colleague, TUC

“iNetwork has helped in numerous ways, whether this is finding a council that uses a particular product right through to creating a team that supports and challenges me and in turn the organisation I work for.  While iNetwork may not be formally part of our business team they certainly provide us with ideas, advice and opportunities.”

Colleague, Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council

For advice, guidance and support in this area, please contact Enes Senussi, Innovative Access to Public Services Lead

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