The North West Warning, Advice and Reporting Point 

Be part of a community where you can share trusted, up-to-date advice on information security
threats, incidents and solutions.

Keeping your information secure
The North West Warning, Advice and Reporting Point [WARP] is a trusted community for those concerned with their organisation’s information security. It provides a forum for members to learn from peers and experts within and outside of the group. In an age where we are relying more and more upon electronic and web based media communications there has never been a more pertinent time for organisations to take steps to safeguard their information assets.

Why should you be part of the North West WARP?

Your reputation will rely on it
People need to trust and be confident in your online services if they are to engage with you. An attack on this service will prove to be more painful on your reputation: if you undermine your customers’ confidence, you undermine your reputation.
Being part of the North West WARP will mean these online attacks are minimised, if not eliminated through the filtered warning alerts service.

Threats: You’ll be the first to hear
Being part of the North West WARP will mean you will be the first to know about serious threats to information security and we will help you to minimise risk to your organisation through emergency preventative measures.

Safe spaces to talk and share
The North West WARP will give you opportunities to meet with other members to discuss hot topics and share best practice and knowledge. You’ll be able to use the group as a ‘sounding board’ and benchmark against others.

Save money and reduce the risk of fines
The Information Commissioners Office can and will impose fines of up to £500K for serious information security breaches. Don’t get caught out, let the North West WARP help reduce your risk. You’ll save yourself thousands in consultancy fees by using the opportunities to collaborate and consult with other members on projects and writing policy documents.

The WARP in Action
Why struggle to find a solution when someone else may already have solved the problem?
WARP members have access to a wealth of information, both within the group itself, in peer WARPs and by making use of external expertise.

The North West WARP is represented at a national level
The North West WARP is advised by Mark Brett of the National Local Authority (NLA) WARP. Mark is well connected within the WARP community and has regular contact with Socitm and various government departments and forums including the Local Government Group, Local CIO Council, NHS Connecting for Health, CESG, Information Commissioners Office. He is also currently the Technical Architect, Infrastructure Security and Cyber Defence at Cabinet Office. He is also the author of the LGA Data Handling Guidelines and is now working on security for the Public Service Network.

Members are part of a wider, national community
Members of the North West WARP can tap into a weatlh of knowledge and information via a national platform of a discussion and collaboration forum. Irrespective of geography, members have the opportunity to engage with peers from across the country, share best practice and increase knowledge and expertise.

Face to face meetings
Mark Brett, NLA WARP Programme Director, attends quarterly meetings with members of the North West. WARP to share latest government policy and advice.

Annual Conference
Members of the North West WARP can attend the annual WARP conference which features speakers from various government departments including the Cabinet Office, GovCERT UK, and the Public Services Network Programme. It’s free to members and offers an excellent opportunity to raise issues, challenge, and meet with members of other local authority WARPs.