Nobody deserves to be lonely, yet statistics show loneliness is set to become even more prevalent in coming years. At iNetwork we are committed to using our resources and expertise to help to come up with solutions to the issue of loneliness and the burden it often puts on local authorities and health services. We hope to accomplish this by doing what we do best, sharing best practice and creating the necessary space for professionals to come together and find shared solutions to common problems.

Our priorities and activities programme for  2016-17 will reflect this commitment. Expect to see numerous events and plenty of material as we work with colleagues to tackle this sobering social issue.

As a precursor to this, iNetwork have published a short report on loneliness, it’s well worth a read if you are passionate about this issue. The report draws on stats and theories from academia and public health experts to outline the scope and likely causes of loneliness as well as its implications for individuals and local public services.