iNetwork’s Annual Support Programme for 2017-18 is hot off the press and available for download here


Inside you can find a Chair’s introduction and welcome from Steven Pleasant, Chief Exectuive of Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council, a full list of iNetwork’s programme areas and their priorities, a celebration of last year’s achievements, the full list of current iNetwork members and much, much more…


If you are an iNetwork member, please do comment and share, our priorities are shaped by you and for you after all! If you are a non-member, and your interest has been piqued by this brochure, why not get in touch?


For the time-strapped among you, below is a quick rundown of our main priorities by programme area for iNetwork and iStandUK in 2017-18:

Innovative Access to Public Services


Digitising Public Services

iNetwork Supports digital inclusion, exploring opportunities to improve digital effectiveness and enabling community focused working to foster local digital economies.

Intelligence and Prevention

iNetwork encourages frontline services to facilitate holistic customer access, developing intelligence capabilities to make better informed service delivery decisions and utilising public sector open data to empower the customer.

Business Relationship Development

iNetwork aims to engage with a wider membership and public regular updates.

Effective Service Redesign and Reform



iNetwork will provide leadership and practical support to help members increase productivity through key areas including service redesign, systems thinking and our expertise in supporting collaboration across many different organisations.


iNetwork will support members to analyse problems and find creative solutions; to identify opportunities for innovation; and equally importantly, to turn those ideas into deliverable, effective responses that make a difference to our customers.

Culture and Leadership

iNetwork will support members so that they can provide a clear vision and dynamic leadership to support these important programmes of change within and across organisations, so that staff and partners are engaged, committed and enthusiastic about the benefits that change will deliver for us

Connected Procurement & Commissioning


Delivering Savings and Efficiencies

 iNetwork supports commissioners and procurement professionals to secure best value and deliver savings and efficiencies for organisations in the public service sector.

Effective Co-commissioning and Procurement

 iNetwork supports procurement and commissioning leads to jointly commission more effectively, particularly within the context of the wider devolution and public sector reform agenda.

 Tackling social outcomes important to the public sector:

 iNetwork supports social outcomes through improved procurement and commissioning practices such as embedding ‘social value’ to support inclusive growth of local economies and communities, and addressing poverty and inequality.

Effective Information Sharing and Security


Information Leadership

iNetwork will upskill Senior Information Risk Owners, Information Asset Owners, Data Protection Officers and other information leadership. Facilitate national level engagement to influence information access policy/ programmes

Cyber Security and Resilience

iNetwork will encourage effective engagement in the North West Warning, Advice and Reporting Point (North West WARP).The North West WARP will engage with NCSC, CARE CERT and other national bodies and disseminate these updates with WARP members.

Person centred information sharing

iNetwork will communicate regular updates from ICO, national agencies, other relevant groups and bodies on compliance and legislation such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (which comes into effect May 2018) via NLG Meetings and other activities Engage senior leadership and seeking support for the following information roles: Senior Information Risk Owner, Chief Information Officer, Data Protection Officer and Caldecott Guardian roles in particular.