13 Tips on Getting the Most out of your iNetwork Membership

Whether you are a new member to iNetwork or a veteran, you can make the most out of your iNetwork membership and the benefits of the partnership and services. We actively listen to our membership and focus on what is important to you. This is why we are focusing on early intervention and prevention, more effective digital delivery, improved information sharing and better procurement and commissioning.

We have compiled a list of 13 tips for you to get the most out of your membership and encourage you to make the most out of iNetwork’s events, resources and support. Take a look at the tips below;



  1. Get Familiar with iNetwork’s Programmes
  2. Consider Joining a Network Leadership Group
  3. Register to Attend iNetwork Events
  4. Consider Speaking at an iNetwork Event
  5. Nominate a project in the iNetwork Innovation Awards 2021
  6. Continue your Professional Development
  7. Tell Your Colleagues About iNetwork
  8. Visit the Covid-19 Support Hub (Microsite)
  9. Join the iNetwork Knowledge Hub Group
  10. Sign up to join the WARP
  11. Join the iNetwork Mailing List
  12. Connect with us on Social Media
  13. Contact the iNetwork Team