Transforming & Innovating Public Services Award

This award is open to any iNetwork member and recognises excellence and rewards innovation in transforming public services. It is open to individuals, teams or organisations who have successfully implemented change for people and places. Submissions should demonstrate evidence of improved outcomes through innovative citizen focused solutions that combine data, technology and culture change.

Connected Procurement & Commissioning Award

This award is open to any iNetwork member to celebrate successes in public procurement and commissioning. In particular we welcome nominations that tackle social outcomes that are important to the public sector, that delivers savings and efficiencies, and/or cross sector benefits from innovative collaborative working between commissioners and procurement professionals.

Effective Information Sharing & Security Award

This award is open to any iNetwork member to recognise excellence in Information Governance and/or Cyber Security. We welcome nominations for any projects which facilitate the secure storage, sharing, or use of sensitive information to deliver more efficient and effective services for users whilst ensuring that personal information is protected.

iStandUK Award

This award is open to any public sector organisation that can demonstrate innovation and achievement in the effective use of data and information standards to improve services, to enable information transparency and/or to enable common understanding of a key issue.

Partner Excellence Award

This award is open to any iNetwork member organisation who wishes to recognise outstanding performance from their partner organisations. The award celebrates innovation, collaboration, efficiency and going the extra mile in partnership working.

Most Creative Video Award

We require our finalists to create a short two minute video about their award nomination. Even though we stipulate that the video should be created at little to no extra cost by using existing equipment and your creativity, we recognise that it’s a big ask. For this reason, the most creative video award recognises the originality and ingenuity to create inspired, fun and/or impactful video content.

COVID-19 Response Recognition Award

This year we have introduced a new sub category. This award is eligible to organisations that have submitted a qualifying nomination in any of the above categories. On the nomination form, you will be given the option to also add your submission to this category. This award recognises the response and recovery to the unprecedented challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, we are looking for evidence of making a difference to the lives of people adversely affected by COVID-19 pandemic and/or the extent to which old, established ways of working have been challenged to build back better.

Outstanding Contribution Award

This is our top award, recognising the outstanding contribution of the iNetwork member organisation that has done the most to promote learning and sharing of innovation and best practice.