What is iNetwork?

iNetwork’s vision is to enable local public service organisations, individually and collectively, to deliver more innovative, high quality and cost effective services to their customers, patients and communities.

iNetwork promotes improvement and efficiency by influencing, inspiring, innovating, involving, implementing ideas, investing and, most importantly, networking.

Want to get involved? Come to an event to experience the usefulness of iNetwork or contact one of the team directly. This is a public sector partnership that is looking to help and enable the public sector. Membership is available to any local public service organisation in the UK and it gives access to a range of benefits including service redesign training, expert intelligence and advice, network and peer support, sector-led workshops and briefings on key policies.

Why collaborate? Collaborating in peer communities is more relevant than ever. Innovations spread 13 times fast through peer networks than through media. Almost all good ideas come from meetings of minds. Inwardly facing organisations are destined to develop more slowly than those that are outwardly facing. iNetwork helps by running 50-60 events a year that are managed as “safe spaces for difficult conversation”. We also source solutions to problems (contact us at info@i-network.org.uk to ask!) and engage with part of Government on behalf of the members of the partnership to a) ask them to explain what they’re doing b) ask them to do it differently.

Who owns iNetwork?

iNetwork is hosted by Tameside Council on behalf of the partnership. The allocation of resources within iNetwork is governed by the iNetwork Executive Board. iNetwork also hosts the Local eGovernment Standards Body (www.legsb.gov.uk)