Connected Procurement and Commissioning


Welcome to iNetwork’s Connected Procurement and Commissioning (CPC) Programme. There is growing recognition across national and local government that innovative public procurement can play a crucial role in driving better outcomes for public organisations, and the people and places that they serve.

iNetwork’s CPC programme creates space for procurement professionals, commissioners, contract managers, and budget holders to hold constructive conversations and share best practice. The priorities for 2022/23 have been updated in consultation with the CPC Network Leadership Group and reflect the changes within procurement and commissioning practices in line with updated government legislation and the recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our activities, including regular touchpoint meetings, networking events, roundtable discussions and more, are designed to support the partnership to deliver more efficient public services and to respond to the changing nature of the sector. The programme aims to assist the public sector in continuing to support greater efficiency, commercial practices, and service integration, whilst also championing core social value outcomes such as environmental sustainability, tackling modern slavery, local wealth building, and inclusive growth.

Priorities and Objectives for 2022-23

Effective Co-Commissioning and Procurement Innovation

Support procurement and commissioning leads to jointly commission more effectively to deliver savings and efficiencies, particularly within the context of place based delivery and new approaches to procurement.

Tackling Policy Outcomes Important to the Public Sector

Support, and respond to, the evolving strategic policy objectives of the public sector through improved procurement and commissioning practices. These include, embedding social value to support inclusive and sustainable growth, supporting local economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, and addressing environmental sustainability, poverty, inequality, and modern slavery.



“We’ve always found iNetwork such a useful connection, with a strong engagement in sharing knowledge. I’m not sure where we’d be on our social value journey without iNetwork– that’s moving on at a rate of knots now!”

Calderdale Council

Debbie Gaunt

The CPC Network Leadership Group

Each iNetwork programme has a Network Leadership Group (NLG) which consists of iNetwork members who are leading practitioners in their field. The NLGs serve as both a programme board and a leadership forum for collaboration across the local public sector. The network leaders for the Connected Procurement & Commissioning Programme are:

CPC Network Leadership Group Members

Agnieszka Gajli, YPO

Amy Emmerson, Salford Royal NHS Foundtion Trust

Cath Bagley, Blackpool Council

Chris Arnold, Barnsley Council

Christine Atherton, AGMA

Conway Stewart, Cumbria County Council

Debbie Gaunt, Calderdale Council

Duncan Spokes, YPO

Gemma Isles, Transport for Greater Manchester

Helen McMahon, Lancaster City Council

Hywyn Pritchard, Merseyside Fire and Rescue

Karen Kennedy, Leeds City Council

Keith Patterson, Wirral Council

Liam Reynolds, Wigan Council

Lianne Halliday, Cheshire East Council

Nichola Cooke, STAR Procurement (Deputy Chair)

Paul Maynard, AGMA

Peter Schofield, Manchester City Council (Chair)

Rob Banks, St Helens Borough Council

Roy Banks, West Yorkshire Combined Authority

Sarah Janusz, Bury Council

Simon Donovan, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Peter Schofield

CPC Chair, Manchester City Council

Nichola Cooke

CPC Deputy Chair, STAR Procurement


Programme Co-ordinator 

Hannah Gains 

CPC Programme Co-ordinator

For advice, guidance and support in this area, please contact Hannah Gains, Connected Procurement & Commissioning Programme Lead.