Connected Procurement and Commissioning

The full iNetwork programme for 2018-19 is available HERE

The Connected Procurement and Commissioning Programme helps colleagues across iNetwork to collaborate more effectively, appreciate tools such as SpendPro and the support capabilities of YPO, interpret new legislation and engage with Government.

Connected Procurement and Commissioning Chair Introduction 
The change of name to include ‘commissioning’ in the programme title reflects our ambition to open up the group to public sector commissioners to support constructive conversation with procurement colleagues. This year’s focus in 2017-18 will help procurement and commissioning officers to respond to the changing nature of public services, ensuring greater social value outcomes from procurement and commissioning activities, and delivering savings and efficiencies.

Ian Brown

Manchester City Council


Peter Schofield

Trafford Council

Deputy Chair

Theme 1:

Delivering Savings and Efficiencies

iNetwork supports commissioners and procurement professionals to secure best value and deliver savings and efficiencies for organisations in the public service sector.

Theme 2:

Effective Co-commissioning and Procurement

iNetwork supports procurement and commissioning leads to jointly commission more effectively, particularly within the context of the wider devolution and public sector reform agenda.

Theme 3:

Tackling social outcomes important to the public sector

iNetwork supports social outcomes through improved procurement and commissioning practices such as embedding ‘social value’ to support inclusive growth of local economies and communities, and addressing poverty and inequality.

Delivery Partners and Stakeholders

YPO, Crown Commercial Service, the AGMA Procurement Hub, local experts, industry experts

“Excellent way of accessing relevant procurement guidance and topics in a friendly atmosphere…at little/ no cost.”

Colleague, STAR Procurement

“Particularly interested in sharing forward procurement plans and achieving social value.”

Colleague, Halton Borough Council.

For advice, guidance and support in this area, please contact Shelley Heckman, iNetwork's Deputy Director

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