North West Warning, Advice and Reporting Point


The NW WARP is a fantastic closed and safe forum for you to share and receive information about matters of information security, cyber security and information governance.

It provides an opportunity for members to learn, share and develop alongside peers and experts within the above mentioned fields. In an age where we are relying more and more upon digital communications, there has never been a more pertinent time for organisations to take steps to safeguard their information assets.

Benefits of Joining NW WARP

Notification of threats and vulnerabilities
Being part of the North West WARP includes notification of threats and vulnerabilities in real time, helping you to minimise risk to your organisation through emergency preventative measures. In turn, this could potentially save your organisation thousands of pounds in ICO fines.

Regular meetings and communications
NW WARP is committed to providing a safe space for members to openly discuss hot topics and share best practice. We acknowledge the importance of communication and therefore provide quarterly meetings, monthly touchpoint sessions and weekly email updates. 

Access to various resources
NW WARP has a variety of resources. Information, alerts and queries are uploaded onto a closed group within the Knowledge Hub so members can access a wealth of information and also provide solutions to a problem that may have already been solved. 

NW WARP is also represented at a national level, as we receive advice from Mark Brett, Director at NLA WARP. Mark is well connected within the WARP community and offers a range of expertise at all levels. NLA WARP also provide our members with additional resources such as FWA alerts, KTAC and Slack. 






NW WARP Governance

The NW WARP has a steering group which supports the WARP by suggesting topics for the quarterly WARP meetings agenda and provide other support and advice to the iNetwork EISS Programme Co-ordinator. The group will aim to have a representative from the different sectors that participate in the WARP e.g Housing, Health, Transport, Local Authority, Police etc. 

NW WARP Steering Group Members

Alan Boardman, Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS FT

Catherine Burke, Transport for Greater Manchester

Mark Macarte, Cumbria County Council

Nadeer Hussain, Oldham Council

Shelley Heckman, iNetwork

Alan Boardman

Chair, Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS FT

Nadeer Hussain

Deputy Chair, Oldham Council

NW WARP Co-ordinator

Shelley Heckman

Interim NW WARP Co-ordinator

For advice, guidance and support in this area, please contact Shelley Heckman, iNetwork Director and interim NW WARP Co-ordinator