Transforming and Innovating Public Services


Welcome to the Transforming and Innovating Public Services (TIPS) Programme for 2024/2025. As we navigate the evolving landscape of public service delivery, our priorities have been updated in collaboration with the TIPS Network Leadership Group (NLG) to address the pressing challenges faced by iNetwork member organisations.

In the face of budget constraints and the need to enhance efficiencies without compromising service delivery and quality, our updated priorities have been created to engage professionals and organisations across the local public sector. Our primary goal is to support impactful transformation that benefit both people and places, focusing on the forefront challenges encountered by our members.

The TIPS programme is dedicated to fostering improved community outcomes through the exchange of knowledge and best practice in innovative, place-based solutions encompassing data, digital, and communities. We offer an array of seminar sessions, roundtable discussions, and more, featuring leading practitioners and showcasing pioneering projects.

Our sessions not only provide networking opportunities but also serve as forums for candid conversations in safe and supportive environments. By nurturing a strong sense of community and leveraging the sector’s collective voice, the TIPS programme aims to elevate best practice in transformation and reform within public services.

Priorities and Objectives for 2024-25

Communities, People and Place

This priority underscores our commitment to fostering sustainable, place-based approaches in public service delivery, ensuring appropriate levels of support for both citizens and staff.

Digital and Data

This priority is dedicated to empowering members to harness the potential of digital systems and well-managed data to drive informed decision-making and enhance service delivery.



“I was really pleased to join the iNetwork Transforming & Innovating Public Services (TIPS) Network Leadership Group. We all work in such an uncertain climate and trying to make real and meaningful change is difficult at the best of times but the leadership group provides a great forum for sharing ideas, approaches, best practice and lessons learned.

From the very first session I felt I’d learned something and shared my experiences in equal measure. The support from colleagues in the group has been phenomenal and I’m certain that collectively we’ll make a real difference to people lives and shaping the future of public services.”

Jo Johnston

Manchester City Council

The TIPS Network Leadership Group

Each iNetwork programme has a Network Leadership Group (NLG) which consists of iNetwork members who are leading practitioners in their field. The NLGs serve as both a programme board and a leadership forum for collaboration across the local public sector. The network leaders for the Transforming & Innovating Public Sector Programme are:

TIPS Network Leadership Group Members

Alex Grundy, Plus Dane Housing (Deputy Chair)

Chris Hart, Bolton Council

Chris Woodhouse, Bury Council

Delphine Fitouri, Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust

Gemma Emmett, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Jo Johnston, Manchester City Council

Lorena Phillips, North Yorkshire Council

Mel Mulcahy, Wigan Council

Phil Christian, Cheshire East Council

Rahna Riley, Rochdale BC (Chair)

Samantha Tierney, West Lancashire Borough Council

Sharon Winn, Trafford Council

Shoukat Ali, Oldham Council

Stephen Curtis, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Wayne Leatherbarrow, Sefton Council

Rahna Riley

TIPS Chair, Rochdale Borough Council

Alex Grundy

TIPS Deputy Chair, Plus Dane Housing

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