Transforming and Innovating Public Services


Welcome to our Transforming and Innovating Public Services (TIPS) Programme 2022/2023. The priorities and sub-priorities have been updated in consultation with the TIPS Network Leadership Group and reflect the pressures placed on the public sector as a result of the disruption caused by the pandemic. Our updated programme is designed to engage a range of professionals and organisations in the public, private, community voluntary and faith sectors.

Our key aim in continuing and advancing the priorities on the TIPS programme is to support high impact systemic change for people and places and to remain a relevant member led programme. It is focused on delivering improved outcomes through sharing knowledge and best practice on innovative citizen centred solutions that combine data, digital and culture.

We offer a selection of plenary sessions, round table discussions, leading speakers, opportunities to discuss local, regional and national challenges and more. Our events provide the platform to meet with colleagues, informally discuss priorities whilst creating opportunities for open and honest conversations in safe spaces. One of the intentions of this programme is to further strengthen the sense of community and harness the enthusiasm of the group to transform and innovate public services. We encourage you to take an active part in the TIPS programme, to make the most of discussions, networking and other opportunities.

The priorities listed below are interlinked and reflect the complex nature of innovation and change in public service delivery.

Priorities and Objectives for 2022-23

People and Place: This priority supports iNetwork’s members to creatively find people-centred sustainable solutions and approaches to navigate and access local public assets.

Digital Innovation: This priority supports iNetwork’s members to deliver the intelligence and prevention agenda by developing capabilities to make better informed decisions and utilising digital technology to improve lives.

Culture and Wellbeing: This priority supports iNetwork’s members to develop organisational change to achieve successful outcomes in the things that matter most to people, organisations and communities.



iNetwork allows you to share challenges and opportunities, making your working practices more efficient whilst developing a great support network from across the public sector

Sarah Bullock

Cheshire East Council

The TIPS Network Leadership Group

Each iNetwork programme has a Network Leadership Group (NLG) which consists of iNetwork members who are leading practitioners in their field. The NLGs serve as both a programme board and a leadership forum for collaboration across the local public sector. The network leaders for the Transforming & Innovating Public Sector Programme are:

TIPS Network Leadership Group Members

Alex Grundy, Plus Dane Housing

Chris Hart, Bolton Council

Chris Twomey, West Lancashire BC

Chris Woodhouse, Bury Council

Christopher Lewis, Oldham Council (Co-Chair)

Craig Hughes, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

Delphine Fitouri, Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust

Gemma Dickinson, North Yorkshire County Council

Lauren Rastall, Sefton Borough Council

Linda Russo, Wigan Council

Phil Christian, Cheshire East Council

Rahna Riley, Rochdale BC (Co-Chair)

Rosie Rees-Bann, Manchester City Council

Sharon Winn, Trafford Council

Stephen Curtis, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Victoria Clark, Bury Council

Rahna Riley

TIPS Co-Chair, Rochdale Borough Council

Chris Lewis

TIPS Co-Chair, Oldham Council

Programme Co-ordinator

Tom Hindmarch

TIPS Programme Co-ordinator

Go ON Digital Inclusion Partnership Co-ordinator


For advice, guidance and support in this area, please contact the lead for the Transforming and Innovating Public Services programme.