Effective Information Sharing & Security


Individuals are being asked by organisation to trust them with more and more data, to drive efficiency and innovation. This is in the context of data protection reform which brings with it increased rights for the data subject and increased responsibilities for data controllers and processors.

Recent years have brought a steady increase in the frequency and severity of cyber-attacks and data breaches so organisations need to ensure that the personal data they hold is safe, secure, and only shared where this is appropriate. iNetwork has responded to this and has worked with external partners to deliver activities to increase cyber security and resilience and respond to a regime of data protection reform.

Priorities and Objectives for 2020-21

Information Leadership

iNetwork will upskill Senior Information Risk Owners, Information Asset Owners, Data Protection Officers and other information leadership. Facilitate national level engagement to influence information access policy/ programmes

Cyber Security and Resilience

iNetwork will encourage effective engagement in the North West Warning, Advice and Reporting Point (North West WARP).The North West WARP will engage with NCSC, CARE CERT and other national bodies and disseminate these updates with WARP members

Person centred information sharing

iNetwork will communicate regular updates from ICO, national agencies, other relevant groups and bodies on compliance and legislation such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (which comes into effect May 2018) via NLG Meetings and other activities Engage senior leadership and seeking support for the following information roles: Senior Information Risk Owner, Chief Information Officer, Data Protection Officer and Caldecott Guardian roles in particular.



“Excellent opportunity to learn what new threats and data compromisation issues. Very good event for networking.”

Colleague, Liverpool City Council

“iNetwork is a great for networking and sharing good practice with relevant up to date topics.”

Colleague, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust

The EISS Network Leadership Group

Each iNetwork programme has a Network Leadership Group (NLG) which consists of iNetwork members who are leading practitioners in their field. The NLGs serve as both a programme board and a leadership forum for collaboration across the local public sector. The network leaders for the Effective Information Sharing & Security Programme are:

EISS Network Leadership Group Members

Alan Boardman, Lancashire Care NHS FT

Andrew Swapp, GMP

Angharad Jackson, Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

Carol McDonnell, St Helens Council

David Willis, GM Health & Social Care Partnership (Chair)

Ian Smith, Cumbria County Council

John Curtis, Bolton Council

Lesley Bullen, The Guinness Partnership

Michelle Brown, GMCA

Nadeer Hussain, Oldham Council

Phillipa Nazari, GM Combined Authority (Deputy Chair)

Sandra Lomax, Caldicott Guardian Council (special adviser)

David Willis

Chair, Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership

Phillipa Nazari

Deputy Chair, GM Combined Authority

Programme Co-ordinator

Shelley Heckman

Interim EISS Programme Co-ordinator

For advice, guidance and support in this area, please contact Shelley Heckman, iNetwork Director and interim EISS Programme Co-ordinator