Effective Information Sharing & Security


Welcome to iNetwork’s Effective Information Sharing & Security (EISS) programme. We have seen the continued threat of cyberattacks, and the risks of mismanaging data, and so it is as important as ever for organisations to look after the information we hold, treating data as an asset. Organisations are asking individuals to trust them with more and more of their data, and to ensure that the data that they hold on individuals is both safe and secure, and shared only where appropriate.

The focus of the 2023-24 programme continues to support the iNetwork membership in the areas of information governance, information security and information leadership. The programme recognises that information leadership should not be the sole domain of those that hold specialised roles of DPO, SIRO, Caldicott Guardian, or IG Officer. This year’s programme therefore seeks to broaden the focus of Information leadership to support a wider cohort within the membership. In particular we have added a new sub priority to support iNetwork members with education and awareness to upskill their workforce to be confident information leaders.

Priorities and Objectives for 2023-24

Information Leadership

This priority bolsters information leadership in iNetwork member organisations with the aim to upskill those with information roles in our member organisations, and to increase influence and strengthen our collective voice to positively impact information access policy and programmes at the national level.

Improving Cyber Security, Resilience & Business Recovery

This priority promotes increased engagement across iNetwork membership in the North West Warning, Advice and Reporting Point (WARP) which facilitates the sharing of best practice and the exchange of information and cyber security intelligence across the membership strengthening collaboration and communication across the region to improve situational awareness and both organisational and multi-agency response readiness. This should lead to a reduction in the number of data breaches as a result of poor practice and cyber-attacks.

Improved Person-Centred Information Sharing

This priority delivers improvements to necessary and proportionate information sharing to support effective partnership working and person-centred care.



“Excellent opportunity to learn what new threats and data compromisation issues. Very good event for networking.”

Alan Boardman

Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS FT

“Joining EISS NLG is a great opportunity for myself, and my organisation. It is a fantastic opportunity to meet with other officers from across the Public Sector, to discuss the challenges we all face, particularly around Cyber, and share our experiences. Collaboration and sharing is key, and this is the perfect forum for that”

Nadeer Hussain

Oldham Council

The EISS Network Leadership Group

Each iNetwork programme has a Network Leadership Group (NLG) which consists of iNetwork members who are leading practitioners in their field. The NLGs serve as both a programme board and a leadership forum for collaboration across the local public sector. The network leaders for the Effective Information Sharing & Security Programme are:

EISS Network Leadership Group Members

Alan Boardman, Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS FT

Andrew Swapp, GMP

Angharad Jackson, Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

Ian Smith, Cumberland Council

Lesley Bullen, The Guinness Partnership (Chair)

Nadeer Hussain, Oldham Council

Yunus Mayat, Bradford Council (Deputy Chair)

Lesley Bullen

Chair, The Guiness Partnership

Yunus Mayat

Deputy Chair, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Programme Co-ordinator

Shelley Heckman

Interim EISS Programme Co-ordinator

For advice, guidance and support in this area, please contact Shelley Heckman, iNetwork Director and interim EISS Programme Co-ordinator