Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust 

Streamlining IG Processes Using Technology 

Briefly describe the initiative/ project/service; please include your aims and objectives

The nomination is for the Information Governance Team, in particular one of the managers within the Team, Sarah Briggs, who have been embracing the Microsoft 365 toolset which has been used to streamline some of the processes in place, on the Information Asset Owners Register initially and moving onto other areas such as Data Protection and Impact Assessment (DPIA) .


What are the key achievements?

Move from electronic documentation to a streamlined process using automated flows (PowerApps, Hornbill), Prior to the change users would use a more clumsy Excel spreadsheet on an MS Team Channel. Now user can access an app from the Intranet, update their record easily and updates to their training is captured centrally and automatically populated on all their assets. Notifications is obtained for any changes being made by Information Asset Owners and a full reporting facility enables tracking of information assets (status, unpopulated fields) and reported via PowerBI. There is more empowerment of the information asset owners and information asset assistant, updates are live and easily accessible and reportable internally and externally. Information flows are also integrated as part of their associated information assets. Now we are making it easier for staff to create new DPIA and more linkage between DPIA and information assets, supporting a better management of the full life-cycle of the product from on-boarding to decommissioning.


How Innovative is your initiative?

This was presented to a regional NHS Information Governance Group (SIGN) in Yorkshire and Humber and a number of attendees were interested in using this approach going forward. This is using a number of existing workflow automation within the Microsoft 365 suite and therefore maximising the return on investment. This lays the foundations to more opportunities in linking more processes together and being able to present back what has been achieved and any gaps, hence better risk management of Information Governance challenges. This was enabled thanks to an individual who took on feedback positively and decided that things needed to change and with a bit of funding and support from other teams (such as the Web Team) has managed to bring the system to life.

What are the key learning points?

The use of Microsoft products is limitless, processes however needs to be very clear to be able to change from one technology to another. This relies on one individual who thankfully is sharing the knowledge with others within their team. The changes do take time to be implemented but also to be embedded within an organisation – around 12 months. Start small and develop, use the knowledge and expertise from the technical team to find out what else may be possible but ensure this remains manageable. The reporting via PowerBI came with a cost pressure but was supported by the head of service to enable the changes, as well as some of the training needed to raise staff confidence in the use of the tools and their ability to make changes faster.


Additional Comments

This is a great product and continues to grow to meet the internal demands from the organisation and national standards.