LeanCalling all member organisations: here is your chance to access some FREE Business Improvement Training delivered together with a partner college’s external consultants.

During the course, delegates will learn key skills enabling them to critically analyse their business’ performance and make lasting improvements to benefit residents and internal customers.

In one large North West council this is already contributing to a strategic continuous improvement culture shift.

Here delegates that have been trained are working on multiple processes and training others making a real difference to the service customers receive and, of course, generating productivity benefits.

Additionally delegates recognise the investment in their skills and development at a time when training budgets are constrained.

In this organisation the results across the programme so far are outstanding:

  • 18000 processing hours saved across nine service areas
  • 1900 days shaved off service delivery times for customers
  • 1400% improvements in service quality

“I would strongly recommend this course, which I and my colleagues have completed to validate its suitability, because I believe it is a good way of introducing training in Business Improvement at no cost to our member organisations”

In commercial terms the value of the course is £1800.00 per person but it being delivered FREE. However it requires a minimum of 12 people per cohort, although this can be from a mixture of service areas. The programme is delivered in the organisations premises with commitment to 6 days (2x2x2) over a 10/12 week period.

All candidates have to complete an improvement project in their own work area and the benefits are measured and externally verified by the consultants.

The assessors will plan the programme with you and your teams to take into account individual and organisational needs.

Let me know what you are interested by dropping me an email at catherine.oneill@tameside.gov.uk and I can give you a call to discuss in more detail.