This month we are printing and distributing the new iNetwork annual support programme for 2016-17.

In March 2016 we published a list of iNetwork priorities for each of our programme areas as well as the iNetwork partnership as a whole. These priorities were the result of extensive deliberation and consultation with our members, partners and NLG’s.

The programme reflects these consultations in its laying out of the details and focus of our individual programme areas: IAPS, ESR2, EISS and CP. The then goes on to provide information about the iNetwork training, advice and support services which will be available to our members In 2016-17.

The programme also contains infographics showing our proud achievements from 2015-16. These stats and achievements will help to demonstrate the real value of iNetwork to current or perspective colleagues, partners and members.

We’re very excited about our new programme and believe it to be our best one to date.

You can download a PDF copy of the programme here. As usual, it is our aim to reach out to as many people as possible so please do share with your colleagues!