Over the last few years, iNetwork has offered a LEAN training course in which delegates were invited to learn skills that would enable them to critically analyse their business performance and make lasting improvements.


Facilitated by iNetwork’s Catherine O’Neill, the LEAN innovation training was a tool that enabled managers to identify the scope of different roles across a variety of service areas in the organisation. The programme also provided individuals with appropriate knowledge and understanding of systems and processes which helped them to improve their daily working tasks.


Each candidate completed an improvement project in their own work area and the benefits were calculated and externally verified using Quality, Cost and Delivery analysis.


During its lifetime, the programme served 30 cohorts seeing a total of 304 colleagues trained, collectively drawing down funding of £563,400 for iNetwork members.


Sheena McDermott – Project Manager- Wirral Council had this to say about training:

“We initially took up iNetwork’s offer of Lean Training to help us establish a culture of continuous improvement in our Transaction Centre.  Over the last year, we’ve run several cohorts, and as an organisation we’re getting a huge benefit.  The training is practical and engaging, and I really enjoy hearing the attendees telling the story of how a lightbulb went off in their head as they realised just how easily they could make a big difference to their processes.  It’s changing mind-sets, and the feedback from staff has been really positive”


If you or your organisation would like to share in the benefits of this training, iNetwork continues to host Systems Thinking Masterclasses and LEAN Training days at a very competitive market rate. Please contact catherine.oneill@tameside.gov.uk for more information