On 17 November 2016, iNetwork’s Annual Winter Conference delivered a series of talks and workshops to almost 300 delegates from across the UK. A broad spectrum of topics affecting Place-based Change in public services was covered throughout the full day event. The economic challenge faced by the sector was amply iterated. However, the inevitable dilemma of how public organisations should respond to funding cuts and declining resources, whilst being expected to offer more tailored services, and at higher standards, was underlined by a reassuring theme: Collective Data.


Several sessions presented examples of how looking collectively at inherently sporadic data has the inadvertent effect of bringing teams together. This creates a fusion of diverse perspectives offering a dynamic interchange of invaluable experience and informed opinions. Such teams traditionally work in silos and manage their own data; resulting in incoherent reactions to the user journey.


No matter how data comes to exist, it too has a journey. To a large extent, that journey will never end, although data will almost certainly be allowed to lose its structure, its meaning and, too often, its visibility altogether. The consequences of this digital shortfall can be devastating on real lives.


There was a unanimous realisation at the Conference that members of the public are rarely at the receiving end of a single public service. In some cases, the most vulnerable members of our society are left navigating a complex terrain of obscure access points and discrete procedures.


Delegates and Speakers at the Conference were bound by their commitment to delivering better outcomes for public service users. This transcends geographic boundaries and corporate mandates. Therefore, managed effectively, Collective Data could be the ideal tactical compass that allows organisations to work together more efficiently and effectively.


If you or your organisation would like explore the potential of data driven collaboration, iNetwork membership would be an ideal step towards harnessing your innovative aspirations. With innovation at the heart of our vision, we will always facilitate and support forums for passionate professionals whose aim is to achieve better outcomes for public service users.


Presentations from Speakers at the Conference are available here. We hope you benefit from viewing these and sharing them with your colleagues.