“What Works”: iNetwork Innovation Awards 2015

Title: Get Online Campaign and Go ON Warrington

Organisation(s): Future Author Alex Grundy

Date: 2015/10/05

Service area *1*: 853. ICT web site, 993. Accessibility of websites 

Description of projectFuture-Warrington-web2 (2)

Future were commissioned to design the brand identity for Warrington Borough Council’s new website and supporting Get Online campaign. They have also support the Go ON Warrington brand development. They are a local SME, who have been very supportive in helping the Digital Services Team in having a new and innovative approach to WBC’s website and online presence. I have attached examples of the campaign art work which will be displayed in the One Stop Shop.

What makes this initiative remarkable?

They have developed a strong working relationship and understanding of our digital landscape with a greater understanding of our digital journey. Through this understanding they have developed some innovative designs for our new website and other projects for example Warrington Together and the Sensory Centre. This has required a good understand our various target audiences. They have helped develop a digital campaign and brand for Digital Warrington. Also through Go ON Warrington have created an identity and demonstrated a strong commitment to their contribution through the brand work and creation of a website. They have been the lead designers for the corporate website, developing a fresh and modern looking design which has been seen as ‘refreshing’ for a council website; incorporating the digital brand and newly designed imagery which will feature throughout the site. They are very attentive, supportive and the relationship has developed into a collaborative and productive partnership.

What has the project achieved?

As well as all of the above, through our relationship, Future have been key in taking the council forward in its innovative approach to design across the digital landscape. Something which I feel is beneficial if we are to succeed in the creation of a strong digital presence for now and the future. Our customers are key in everything we do and I feel we’ve reached a strong and common ground in meeting some of those aspirations, particularly given the audience we deliver to is so unique in its diversity and needs. The feedback from the brand and website has been very positive and will ensure the continued success of WBC’s digital strategy and channel shift.

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