Local Authority and Housing Association colleagues are invited to take part in a new study which is set to enhance our understanding of neighbourhood service provision. Among numerous key findings that will benefit service providers and residents alike, the study will establish benchmarks across different regions. Its unique approach to modelling existing data will also reveal variances in resident access and perceptions from across different areas within the same local authority.

Dr Peter Mathews [left] Senior Lecturer in Social Policy at the University of Stirling is working with colleagues from the Universities of Sheffield and Glasgow, to help avert risks of growing disparity between our neighbourhoods posed by channels shifts and inconsistent interpretation of data resulting from continued cuts to local council budgets.


This research is currently at the design stage. An application for funding from a major funder will be submitted in autumn 2017. Partnerships with local councils and housing associations must to be established in the coming weeks and months, to fully engage partners in the progress of this study from its early stages.

iNetwork is delighted to help forge the key relationships required, through facilitating communications and events with any potential stakeholders concerned.


To express your interest in joining this exciting initiative or to find out more details, please contact enes.senussi@tameside.gov.uk or contact Dr Peter Matthews directly at peter.matthews@stir.ac.uk






Map of income deprivation affecting children by Alasdair Rae.