We are very excited to announce iNetwork’s brand new programme: Transforming and Innovating Public Services (TIPS). The new programme replaces two of our existing programmes: Innovative Access to Public Services (IAPS) and Effective Service Redesign and Reform (ESR2) by aligning the priorities together better. 

What are the programme priorities?

This new programme supports high impact systemic change for people and places. The programme is focussed on delivering improved outcomes through innovative citizen centred solutions that combine data, technology, and culture change. The three priorities of the TIPS programme are: People and Place; Data and Technology; and Culture and Leadership.

People and Place: this priority supports iNetwork’s members to creatively find people-centred solutions and approaches to navigate and access local public assets. This priority will deliver this by supporting the following:

  • Supporting Place-based collaboration across partners and co-produced with citizens
  • Approaches, tools and techniques for supporting whole systems change and business processes for better access to public services
  • Supporting digital inclusion through engaging with networks such as the Go ON NW network
  • Sharing best practice to support the inclusive growth and reform agenda

Data and Technology: This priority supports iNetwork members to deliver the intelligence and prevention agenda by developing capabilities to make better informed decisions and utilising digital technology to improve lives. This priority will deliver this by supporting the following:

  • Supporting the Open data agenda and the tools and techniques for better data analysis.
  • Sharing and learning about how digital technology can be utilised to enable prevention, improve self-service and where appropriate Place based delivery across partner and stakeholder boundaries.
  • Supporting technical data integration for better data sharing (between organisations and for citizens to access information)

Culture and Leadership: This priority supports iNetwork members to develop organisational change to achieve successful outcomes in the things that matter most to people, organisations and communities. This priority will deliver this by supporting the following:

  • Supporting strategic and devolved leadership
  • Approaches, tools and techniques for constructive engagement and sustainable change
  • Enabling opportunities for workforce development, including the support for women’s development
  • Sharing best practice to support organisational culture change

What is the governance and leadership for this new programme?

The programme lead for TIPS is Catherine O’Neill, iNetwork. Cath formerly lead the Effective Service Redesign and Reform Programme (ESR2).

Each of iNetwork’s programmes is supported by a Network Leadership Group whose role it is to help iNetwork keep the topics and purpose of each programme relevant to the local public sector as well as to provide some governance. The TIPS programme has two co-Chairs: Chris Lewis, Oldham Council, and Rahna Riley, Rochdale Council. The Chairs are responsible for heading up the Network Leadership Group for this programme which is comprised of the following people:

Alex Grundy, Plus Dane Housing; Alison Moglione, Liverpool City Council; Cath Timmons, Greater Manchester Police; Cazz Ward, The Big Life Group; Chris Lewis, Oldham Council; Chris Twomey, West Lancashire Council; Chris Woodhouse, Bury Council; Gez Roberts, Calderdale Council; John Morrissy, Bolton Council; Kathryn Rees, Wigan Council; Lisa Kitto, Lancashire County Council; Wendy Moss, Liverpool City Council; Rahna Riley, Rochdale Council; Samantha Horton-Leigh, Cheshire West and Chester Council; Sarah Bullock, St Helens Council; Sharon Winn, Trafford Council; Steve Wiseman, Stoke on Trent Council, Steven Fry, Salford Council; and Victoria Clark, Manchester City Council.

How can I get involved or benefit from this programme?

We are starting to build up the events schedule for the TIPS programme. We encourage you to take a look at the events page and sign up to attend. The topics for our events are heavily led by the membership; so if you have a burning topic that fits one of our priorities that you think would make a great topic; or you feel you have something to share as a speaker at one of our events, please get in touch.

We also welcome expressions of interest to join the Network Leadership Group for any of iNetwork’s programmes.  If you have any questions, or would like to get more involved, please don’t hesitate to contact the lead for this programme, Cath at Catherine.oneill@tameside.gov.uk