iN the Loop is back, with a new focus and exciting new format!

Over the course of the pandemic the iNetwork team delivered weekly iN The Loop sessions focussing on experiences of managing and responding to COVID-19 as well as recovery from the pandemic.

In 2022-23 we are re-launching the iN The Loop series, with monthly webcasts on the big challenges in the public sector. Following the delivery of each live webcast, which will be broadcast on the last Wednesday of every month, each session will be edited into a short podcast. This will enable members to easily catch up and take in the key learnings and best bits at any time.

The webcasts will take the form of roundtable discussions facilitated by one of the iNetwork team, with input from senior expert speakers on a range of topics that matter to the public sector. Each session will only be one hour long to ensure members can fit the session into their busy schedules.

We are excited to announce a programme of webcasts for three months starting from April 2022:

How is the conflict in Ukraine affecting UK public service delivery?

Wednesday 27th April 2-3pm

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is one of the largest conflicts since the Second World War. Although the war is over 1,000 miles away, it is already impacting our economy both nationally and locally. The impact is multiple, with increased cyber risk, a potential influx of refugees, rises in energy prices, disruption to supply chains and change in budget focus. This webcast aims to explore how the conflict is affecting local service delivery, touching on a range of issues covered in the main iNetwork programmes.

Booking is now available for the first webcast, click here to book through Eventbrite.

CCG to ICS: The hurdles and challenges of major reform

Wednesday 25th May 10-11am

From April 2022 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) will begin the transition to Integrated Care Systems (ICS). The changes are set to bring about a number of challenges for those in the health sector and beyond as professionals integrate into a new way of working and link up with other organisations. Progress and approaches to this major reform vary from place to place, this webcast aims to bring together a range of perspectives to discuss the main challenges and share best practice.

The Levelling Up agenda for the local public sector

Wednesday 29th June 10 -11am

Levelling up has been a hot topic for the last couple of years. The long awaited white paper outlining the levelling up strategy was released in early 2022. The wide ranging paper covers many different aspects, with a strong focus on devolution of power to counties throughout the country. The paper holds the government to account with a number of ambitious targets to be achieved by 2030. This webcast will explore; how will these targets be achieved? What will levelling up look like at a local level? and how will it affect public service delivery?

Separate Eventbrite booking pages will be opened in the coming weeks, which will provide more details on the topic and confirmed speakers. As well as being able to attend, members also have the opportunity to speak at the events. If you have an expert speaker on one of the above topics please get in touch. Additionally, if there are other big topics you would like to see the iNetwork debate, please get in touch.