Transforming and Innovating Public Services (TIPS) is one of the three main programmes in iNetwork. Following a period of consultation amongst the TIPS Network Leadership Group (NLG) on 31st March, a delivery plan for 2022-23 has been finalised. The programme has three main priorities that have remained the same as 2021-2022, however during the March meeting group members amended the sub priorities as it was recognised there have been significant changes over the last year. The updated priorities incorporate specific challenges as a result of the pandemic as well as topical policy themes such as levelling up. These new sub priorities are designed to engage a range of professionals and organisations from the public, private and third sector. The three main programme priorities along with the detail sub priorities are listed below:

TIPS Priorities 2022-23

TIPS 1.0: People & Place
This priority supports iNetwork’s members to creatively find people-centred sustainable solutions and approaches to navigate and access local public assets within places.

TIPS 1.1: Supporting Place-based collaboration across public and private stakeholders ensuring co-production with citizens.

TIPS 1.2: Promoting approaches, strategies and techniques for whole systems change and business processes for better access to public services.

TIPS 1.3: Learning from best practice to support the levelling up agenda and economic recovery.

TIPS 2.0: Digital Innovation
This priority supports iNetwork’s members to deliver the intelligence and prevention agenda by developing capabilities to make decisions by utilising digital methods to improve lives.

TIPS 2.1: Supporting digital inclusion and combating digital exclusion through engaging with cross-sector networks such as the Go ON Digital Inclusion network.

TIPS 2.2: Sharing and learning about how digital can be utilised to enable prevention, improve efficiency and user experience.

TIPS 2.3: Supporting technical data integration for better data sharing and data quality so that stakeholders can better access relevant and appropriate information.

TIPS 3.0: Culture and Wellbeing
This priority supports iNetwork’s members to support organisational change to achieve successful outcomes in the priorities that matter most to people, organisations and communities.

TIPS 3.1: Supporting the development of strategic and effective leaders at all levels of public service delivery.

TIPS 3.2: Promoting approaches, tools and techniques for constructive engagement to enable sustainable change.

TIPS 3.3: Sharing best practice and opportunities for workforce wellbeing.

TIPS 3.4: Highlighting ways to effectively and efficiently communicate change to stakeholders and citizens.

Activity for 2022-23

The TIPS programme will deliver a diverse range of activities enabling members to come together to discuss, debate and learn about the topics of most interest to them. The iNetwork has a proven track record of delivering high quality events and roundtables that involve, influence and inspire delegates. In the full delivery plan a range of potential event themes have been identified to cover over the next 12 months. The 2022-23 delivery plan builds on the continuous events programme by incorporating several supporting elements:

iN The Loop Webcasts

The iN The Loop series is a monthly webcast series on the big challenges in the public sector. Following the delivery of each live webcast, which will be broadcast on the last Wednesday of every month, each session will be edited into a short podcast. This will enable members to easily catch up and take in the key learnings and best bits at any time.

Focused Reports

Production of in-depth reports on particular issues, stemming from events and/or discussions with the NLG and wider membership. Reports will include in depth analysis of white and green government papers when released. 

Blogs and Opinion Pieces

Discussion pieces around the big issues on the TIPS programme, including encouraging members to input or write pieces to bring case studies to life and highlight the great work of members. Can we add how the upcoming innovation awards showcase is a great opportunity to highlight the fantastic projects that were nominated into the TIPS category.

Delivery for 2022-23 has already begun with three events delivered at the end of April, see the links below:

26th April – Go ON Digital Inclusion Partnership Quarterly Meeting

27th April – iN The Loop: How is the conflict in Ukraine affecting UK public service delivery?

29th April – Managing, Mobilising and Retaining Volunteers

Get Involved in the Leadership for the TIPS Programme

The TIPS programme is led directly by members of the Network Leadership Group. The group of public sector leaders, in a range of different fields, meet every quarter (the next meeting is on 23rd June) to discuss the priorities of the programme. Discussion and input from the group directly impacts the activity undertaken on the TIPS programme, and the contribution of individuals in the forum ensures that the focus remains relevant to current practice. The TIPS NLG has representation from a number of member organisations: 

The TIPS NLG has representation from a number of member organisations:
  • Bolton Council
  • Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust
  • Bury Council
  • Cheshire East Council
  • East Riding of Yorkshire Council
  • Manchester City Council
  • North Yorkshire County Council
  • Oldham Council
  • Plus Dane Housing
  • Rochdale Borough Council
  • Sefton Council
  • Stockport Council
  • Trafford Borough Council
  • West Lancashire Borough Council
  • Wigan Council

The group is co-chaired by Rahna Riley, Digital Services Lead at Rochdale Borough Council and Christopher Lewis, Head of Transformation at Oldham Council. The group is always on the lookout for engaged individuals in the public sector looking to learn and share insights in order to grow and diversify the activity of the TIPS programme. Joining the NLG comes at no extra cost to member organisations and provides ample opportunities to network with fellow senior public sector colleagues. There are many other ways to get involved in the TIPS programme such as attending and speaking at events or simply highlighting topics that could be covered. If you are interested in being involved in the TIPS programme or joining the NLG, please contact the TIPS Stakeholder Engagement Manager Tom Hindmarch.