Following the successful relaunch of our webcast series, “iN The Loop,” last year, we have scheduled another series of panel discussions exploring some of the major challenges in the local public sector. In 2022, iNetwork brought together numerous industry experts to discuss a range of topics, including the Ukrainian conflict, devolution, the transition to ICS, and the cost of living crisis. If you missed our 2022 series, you can catch up via our dedicated iN The Loop web page.

Starting from 18th July, iNetwork will once again return with the exciting and compact debate format, bringing together a range of expert speakers from across the public sector and beyond. Similar to last year, we will host an “iN The Loop” event once a month, with the topics directly informed by our members’ needs. This year also marks iNetwork’s 20th anniversary, providing the perfect opportunities to reflect on how big challenges in the local public sector have evolved. 

The 2023-24 series will start with a discussion centred on social value, exploring what social value looks like beyond the contract. In the discussion on 18th July, we will delve deeper into the complex concept of social value within the local public sector. Our expert panellists will highlight the tools and methodologies used to effectively monitor, measure, and hold organisations accountable for setting social value targets. Beyond the focus on contractual obligations, we aim to explore the transformative outcomes that can be achieved by embedding social value principles throughout an organisation.

Make sure you join us next month on 18th July foriN The Loop: Social Value Beyond the Contract.” The event will share insights and experiences on how public sector organisations can embrace and amplify social value.

August’s edition of “iN The Loop” will focus on data maturity in the public sector. This session aims to delve into the concept of data maturity and its significance for public sector organisations seeking to maximise the potential of their data. Expert speakers will be invited to discuss strategies for better data management and utilisation, the development of data skills, and the path toward achieving data maturity.

iN The Loop: Striving for Data Maturity in the Public Sector” on 22nd August is also open for booking. Looking further ahead, September’s edition will tackle the thorny topic of emerging technologies such as AR, AI, and robotics.

If there are any significant challenges that you are currently grappling with within your organisation, please get in touch with our Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Tom Hindmarch, who will explore the possibility of covering the topic in future editions of “iN The Loop.”