In this blog, Rahna Riley Digital Services Lead at Rochdale Borough Council and Co-Chair for iNetwork’s Transforming & Innovating Public Services (TIPS) Programme, reflects on her long standing involvement with iNetwork, discussing how it has benefitted her professional practice.

Wow, 20 years of iNetwork. Huge congratulations for all it’s achieved. It’s been both an honour and a pleasure to be selected as the current co-chair of iNetwork’s TIPS (Transforming and Innovating Public Services).

Working in the area of digital transformation, finding great like-minded people through iNetwork has certainly contributed positively in the reshaping of our business in the digital age. Amongst the challenges and changes, there are countless fond memories that make this journey truly rewarding. 

One of the fondest memories of meeting up with colleagues who are all focused on achieving positive outcomes is witnessing the spark of innovation at meetings. It’s that moment when you’re at a meeting and someone comes up with an ingenious idea or solution that you can take away. Being able to collaborate with individuals who are inspired and empowered to innovate and think outside of the box is priceless.

iNetwork brings together people from diverse backgrounds and skillsets in a ‘safe’ and open meeting place, and work towards a common goal. It sets an agenda to empower people to embrace change, grow and flourish as they acquire new ways of working, reduce costs and deliver more efficient customer focused services.

Seeing the tangible impact of digital transformation and celebrating this at the Annual iNetwork Innovation Awards is certainly a highlight. Witnessing the positive outcomes of digital initiatives is immensely rewarding and sharing success stories with teams fosters a sense of motivation and makes the journey worthwhile.

Wishing iNetwork years and years of further success with more and more people embracing the digital transformation journey, and discovering a world of endless possibilities. 

The future is waiting to be shaped. Be a part of it!

If you have a fond memory of iNetwork or would like to write a short piece on how iNetwork has helped you or your organisation in the last 20 years then we would love to hear from you. Get in touch by dropping us an email at