iNetwork is dedicated to providing support to its members and the public sector. Over the past month, our team of Stakeholder Engagement Managers has been actively involved in assisting council-led groups.

One notable instance involves Tom Hindmarch, who has been lending his expertise to the digital web managers group. Additionally, Tom Hindmarch and Hannah Gains have extended their support to the Enterprising Council Group (ECG). During a session on July 25th, they addressed the group, comprising of representatives from over 20 councils. This was a valuable opportunity for our Stakeholder Engagement Managers (SEMs) to gain insights directly from their public sector peers about the challenges in driving forward innovation. Following engaging discussions, Tom and Hannah delivered a comprehensive presentation elucidating the benefits that iNetwork brings to the table.

The essence of the council-led group lies in its commitment to pioneering, experimenting with, and disseminating fresh and unconventional approaches to effectively enhance social, environmental, and financial value within the public domain. Spearheaded by a group of dedicated public sector professionals, this initiative carries forward the impactful work of the Advanced Commercial Group (ACG), originally founded by the Local Government Association (LGA).

The July session took the form of a reflective and interactive discussion, where participants voiced their preferences for the group’s upcoming agenda. Numerous pertinent points were raised, particularly in areas where councils are seeking to commercialise services. A significant highlight was the announcement of an upcoming hybrid event in collaboration with Coventry Council. iNetwork will play a role in supporting the event by managing the online aspects of the event, ensuring that public sector colleagues can actively participate remotely. A substantial portion of the event’s sessions will also be made available to iNetwork members through online platforms.

Stay tuned for more details concerning the event scheduled for October, as well as broader avenues of collaboration with the ECG. The future holds numerous opportunities for joint ventures that promise to drive innovation and excellence within the public sector.