The world of artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving at pace, sparking both excitement and apprehension within the public sector. iNetwork remains dedicated to helping its members navigate the intricate landscape of AI.

On 19th September iNetwork hosted a panel discussion to introduce members to the multiple opportunities and challenges posed by AI. Following the session there remained a number of questions and concerns from members about the use of this emerging technology. It became clear that members needed more support on the topic and forums to engage in open dialogue to share knowledge and ideas. To meet this need, iNetwork is pleased to announce a series of upcoming events and discussions designed to empower members with the tools and insights to confidently manage AI’s emergence in their organisations.

The series on AI will begin with two facilitated conversations, the first conversation (9th November) will explore the development of governance and policies regarding AI. The discussion event will begin with a case study from members North Yorkshire Council, who have begun the journey to developing specific policies around the use of AI.

The second conversation (16th November) will take an in depth look at the utilisation of AI in procurement processes and within the supply chain. Both discussion events aim to be interactive discussions to foster learning and share ideas between public sector colleagues.

Our focus on the topic of AI will also feature at our conference (30th November) with a panel discussion titled “Navigating AI in the local public sector: Trust, Ethics and Information Governance” which will bring together speakers Lesley Bullen, Yunus Mayat and a representative from NCSC.

Our commitment doesn’t end with our conference. We will continue to address our members’ challenges and concerns regarding AI. Additional events and forums will be organised as needed, ensuring you’re always equipped with the latest knowledge and resources.

Join the conversation with our first navigating AI in the public sector session on 9th November, click here to sign up.