The Yorkshire and Humber Public Services Network (YHPSN) are going through some key changes, with a new name and a new host organisation. From April this year YHPSN will now be known as the Yorkshire and Humber Digital Partnership (YHDP) and the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council will take the role of host organisation.

The partnership is made up of local public services including local authorities, health, fire and rescue services across Yorkshire and Humber and all organisations within the partnership have access to and are engaged in iNetwork’s programme of activity. This includes individuals regularly attending events, speaking at events, joining Network Leadership Groups and submitting nominations for our annual Innovation Awards.

Joining iNetwork in 2021, the partnership has supported the collaborative voice for the local public sector across the North and has only become stronger since. The partnership between YHDP and iNetwork has grown as a result of a close working relationship and shared visions, with the leadership team from each organisation meeting regularly to discuss aims, progress and activity.

The iNetwork team are looking forward to continuing the working relationship with YHDP and raising awareness of the big challenges in the public sector across both the North West and Yorkshire and Humberside.