The Transforming and Innovating Public Services (TIPS) Network Leadership Group (NLG) have discussed and narrowed down the programme priorities for 2024-25. Every financial year the leadership group made up of 15 senior colleagues from across the iNetwork membership and public sector have set out what the TIPS programme will focus on from April 2024. The priorities develop with trends and challenges in the local public sector and are agreed with NLG meetings before the start of each financial year.

During 2023-24, the TIPS programme has continued to focus on people and places as well as digital and data. Both these focuses remain relevant today, with transformation and change cutting across almost every service in the local public sector, as organisations look to become more efficient and make cost savings wherever possible. The delivery for 2023-24 will be rounded off with a recurring event the Digital Web Managers Group on 06th March. This group is chaired by the TIPS Chair Rahna Riley and will focus on the issues of digital accessibility, specifically discussing the use of screen readers on PDF documents and web pages.

Looking forward into 2024-25, the TIPS NLG have discussed how the TIPS programme should focus on key topical issues as well as a number of broader themes. In the last 12 months the challenges and topics that have been raised within meetings have highlighted the complexity of transformation and innovation in the sector. Key issues such as improving community health outcomes, data innovation and maturity and addressing digital inclusion became increasingly more significant with communities facing a range of socio-economic challenges caused by local public sector funding cuts and pressure to reduce budgets and drive forward efficiencies. Therefore, colleagues on the NLG felt that key trends such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), data maturity and community health are all becoming increasingly important to transformation and innovation. 

The TIPS programme will seek to host a number of events in collaboration with other iNetwork programmes, providing the opportunity to further collaborate with colleagues and partners in a range of sectors on key issues with a focus on driving forward sustainable change within public sector organisations.

The priorities for 2024-2025 are listed below:

TIPS Priorities 2024-2025
1. Communities, People & Place – This priority underscores our commitment to fostering sustainable, place-based approaches in public service delivery, ensuring appropriate levels of support for both citizens and staff. Key aims include:
1.1 Facilitating cross sector working and collaboration with a diverse range of stakeholders to deliver more effective outcomes for communities
1.2 Exploring best practice to improve community health (mental and physical) outcomes, ensuring holistic wellbeing for all members of society in light of the cost of living crisis
1.3 Championing human-centred service design, supporting members to explore and develop innovative service delivery models that prioritise the needs of citizens
2. Digital and Data – This priority is dedicated to empowering members to harness the potential of digital systems and well-managed data to drive informed decision-making and enhance service delivery. Key aims include:
2.1 Promoting data innovation and maturity, supporting members in adopting innovative approaches to data utilisation and fostering a culture of data maturity
2.2 Sharing and learning how digital systems can be utilised to enable proactive prevention strategies, improve operational efficiency, and enhance user experience
2.3 Addressing digital exclusion, disseminating best practice on digital inclusion and accessibility in the public and supporting sectors
2.4 Embracing the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI), highlighting informed use cases