We are excited to share the story of how iNetwork has evolved over the past 20 years through the creation of a special video. As a public sector partnership our journey has been marked by a commitment to fostering a community of public sector professionals dedicated to sharing best practices and innovative solutions.

This video serves as a testament to our shared successes, collaborative efforts, and the impact we have had on driving positive change in the sector. We believe that by highlighting the valuable work of our network, we can inspire even greater collaboration and innovation for the future. Join us as we celebrate our past and look ahead to the endless possibilities that lie ahead in the public sector.

A statement from Rahna Riley, Digital Services Lead at Rochdale Borough Council and co-chair of the Transforming and Innovating Public Services (TIPS) Programme.

When asked – How has iNetwork inspired you to develop professionally and support change within your organisation?

iNetwork has been a great catalyst for me personally and to develop me professionally both across the organisation and beyond. This is especially given that I have had the privilege of being a Deputy Chair, Co-chair and Chair of the largest programme within iNetwork. Leading a programme about Transforming and Innovating Public Services and collaborating with like-minded colleagues has expanded my perspective in this field.

iNetwork has served as a resource hub and enabled me to learn, share best practice across our organisation and take advantage of the collective knowledge that rests within iNetwork. This has resulted in helping me both shape and influence my approach to driving change within our council and with our partners.

In addition, iNetwork has further inspired me to continuously seek to improve, reduce waste, optimise services, and champion a culture of learning and collaboration. iNetwork aligns with our own council values with regards to being innovative and pioneering.”

When asked – Why should people and organisations get involved with iNetwork?

“It can take years for people to build networks yet iNetwork has this all packaged up for you. You simply need to join as a member and you will get access to a wide range of events, workshops, and discussions, you’ll be able to bounce off others and test out ideas to help you deliver faster, smarter and more customer focused outcomes.

iNetwork has the capacity to foster professional growth, help you drive innovation and facilitate impactful change. There are opportunities to share knowledge and network to help with your professional development and drive change whilst making cost and time savings.”

Take a look and watch the video to hear from what key individuals from our leadership groups had to say on their time with iNetwork.