The Digital Web Managers Group is a forum for people involved in website management work within the public sector to come together to discuss and share issues and practices that are important to their roles and organisational goals. The meetings, held every 4-6 weeks, are chaired by Rahna Riley, Digital Services Lead at Rochdale Borough Council, and Chair of the iNetwork Transforming and Innovating Public Services (TIPS) Programme.

The agenda for each meeting is led by the group members, in the last meeting on Wednesday 10th April the discussion was focused on digital accessibility and the importance of ensuring digital products and campaigns meet accessibility guidance. Consideration also needs to be given to promoting the skills of staff and a dedicated digital accessibility officer within organisations to promote compliance. We also looked at whether there would be an appetite in setting up Communities of Practice, whether through the group or within individual organisations and examples of how these are already undertaken were shared with members. Despite the ongoing discord, many organisations continue to struggle with ensuring their digital offer is accessible and meets WCAG 2.2.

The Digital Web Managers group will next meet on Wednesday 15th May and is open to all public sector organisations. The group continues to grow in reach and numbers and we are eager to hear from you! Over the past year, the discussions have covered digital accessibility, procurement, content management systems (CMS), single customer accounts implementation, web advertising strategies, cookies, web governance, and more. We focus on whatever is important and relevant at the time, as well as working through issues and sharing knowledge and issues.

To get involved in the Digital Web Managers Forum please email with your name, job title, organisation, email and what you are looking to get out of the group.